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Help keep your family safe by

securing your firearms properly.

Order your free safety locks today.


As a gun owner, it is your responsibility to store and protect your firearms when they are not in use. A cable lock can be used on most firearms. It allows for quick access in an emergency, provides security from theft and offers safety to your family. It has been proven that gun locks are a deterrent to suicide. Firearms that are stored locked have a lower risk of suicide than those where firearms are stored unlocked. These cable locks provide critical life-saving moments between impulse and action.

If you are a resident with a current Kansas address, you are now eligible to receive up to three free gun locks (while supplies last). Simply fill out the form below and your gun locks will ship free to the Kansas address you provide.

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FREE firearm safety locks for
Kansas residents.

(Limit one order per Kansas address)
Number of Requested Gun Locks

Thank you for your order! Please allow 6-8 weeks for your shipment to arrive.

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