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Stepping up to help. These providers support eliminating barriers to

mental health services for farmers.


Farmers often talk about the hurdles they face in finding mental health services – long hours; geographic distance to a provider’s office; lack of remote scheduling options; lack of awareness among providers about the culture of farming. The following providers are among those in Kansas who have stepped up to self-declare that they want to help eliminate those barriers. They have experience or backgrounds in farming; they offer telehealth and alternate hours for sessions; and last but not least, they want to help farmers. If you have had difficulty finding a provider, don’t give up.  Please consider reaching out to one of these providers. If they can’t help you, perhaps they can refer you to someone who can.  

This is not an all-inclusive list of providers and does not constitute a referral or endorsement of those listed. You can always check the status of a provider’s license at https://www.kansas.gov/bsrb-verification/


Are you a provider and interested in being involved? Please contact Kansas Corn staff member Deb Ohlde at dohlde@ksgrains.com for more information.

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