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Good mental health is essential

to your overall health and



Stress at work and home can affect women and men differently. Some mental health issues are more common in women, such as depression and anxiety. Other factors such as sleep, eating disorders, body image, abuse and trauma can affect women's mental health. Many women serve as caregivers for others, and may delay seeking treatment for their own concerns because they are focused on others' needs first. Taking care of your own mental health is critical, and many resources exist to give women the assistance they need.

Three generations of women

Women in Agriculture

Women are more likely than men to report experiencing depression and anxiety.

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Women in Agriculture...


Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services (KAMS)

The cause of stress for many women in agriculture has its roots in financial and legal challenges of the farm or ranch business. The Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services (KAMS) is a state agricultural mediation program that helps farmers and ranchers explore options through mediation as well as other financial and legal concerns they might have. For example, KAMS helps with appeal options for USDA adverse decisions: farm loan delinquency, denial, or adverse decisions for USDA farm programs. Call and talk to a KAMS attorney at no cost.


Kansas Farm Bureau / Mental Health Resources

Kansas Farm Bureau offers educational resources to help in times of stress, including mental/behavioral health videos and webinars.

Office on Women's Health (OWH)

Good mental health is essential to overall well-being. The Office on Women's Health offers resources on a wide breadth of health and wellness issues, including sections on mental health conditions, the effects of abuse and trauma on mental health, living with a mental health condition, and more. 

Women and Mental Health: National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

While mental disorders can affect women and men differently, some disorders are more common in women such as depression and anxiety. There are also certain types of disorders that are unique to women, and researchers are only now beginning to understand the various biological and psychosocial factors that may impact women's mental health. NIMH provides warning signs and assistance for women with mental health concerns.

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